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Fuel for thought
SATO Biodiesel offers you the following advantages:
Cleans your fuel system
Improved lubricity reduces engine wear
Reduces particulate emissions
Reduced greenhouse emissions
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In the News

SATO Profiled by European Biofuels Magazine 08/08/2008

Approval to erect BioDiesel plant in Hoopstad granted by Town Council 03/08/2007

Sacrificing the environment for the BioDiesel cause - The Dangers of mismanagement 07/06/2007

Introducing BioDiesel to the market the process of change 31/05/2007

Myth Busting - BioDiesel is not cheaper than conventional diesel.  30/05/2007

Sato BioDiesel is progressing well and finding great support for its business model from many role players in the agricultural industry.  29/05/2007

SATO BioDiesel teams up with Biotech BioDiesel Technologies and Tata at the NAMPO Harvest Day in May 2007. 26/03/2007
Our dynamic management team at SATO BioDiesel, a member of the Somnium Group of companies, bring many years of business experience to the table. Together with our operational feet on the ground, business partners and innovative, exciting business model, we leverage all our skills to ensure exceptional growth and the generation of stake holder value in the BioDiesel industry.  
Business Opportunities      

Farmer   Farmer
You are well positioned to benefit from a long term partnership with us. We are looking for you to supply us with Oil for BioDiesel production. read more
As an entrepreneur your involvement in the BioDiesel industry lies with contributing to the growth of a reliable and consistent oil supply chain for SATO BioDiesel. read more
Corporate End User   Corporate End User
As an end user all you need is a conscious decision to use SATO BioDiesel either as a blend with your existing conventional diesel stock or straight up neat. read more
  Biodiesel combusts more fully in your engine, providing you with a smoother ride.  
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