Exciting new TV commercials have been created for our Safety Stove and Safety Gel products.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the TV commercials online if you missed them being broadcasted on TV.


Welcome to the Safety Product catalogue

This website encompasses a collection of the products produced by Silversands Ethanol and distributed by SATO Logistics.

Our main focus is safety and quality and since May 2005 Silversands Ethanol production of ethanol gel safety stoves has had a very positive and enthusiastic response from the general public. We provide affordable, quality products produced by workers who take pride in their product with the knowledge that they are improving the lives of others and making cooking safe and easy for everyone.

Why use our products

We offer the safest alternative to anthracite, gas and electricity. Our gel burns longer at higher heat so outperforms Paraffin and it’s cheaper. Combined with our quality safety stove utilizing the latest combustion technology, We have made cooking safe and easy.