At business, I am a technopreneur (a technology entrepreneur) and old-school developer, over 30 years of experience in IT, as well as a self-taught programmer. Do you remember the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64?  Well, that was where I began my fascination with IT.

I grew up in a time just before desktop computers, my parents bought me a Commodore 64, and the IT bug bit me. Now looking back it is very fascinating to see what changes have happened in the world of IT. Throughout my career, I have continued to programme and enjoy the challenge of always learning new software and applications.  I have a great love for problem-solving in business and hence my first step into entrepreneurship at the age of 20. Throughout my career, I have been in business development and boast ownership of many successful enterprises.. and some spectacular failures.

Some of my strengths include:

  • Entrepeneur
  • Tech solutions
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • IT Products
  • Open Source products
  • Education
  • Mentoring

If I had to choose some adjectives to describe myself, I would be inclined to do so as follows:
Creative, positive, enthusiastic, problem solver, speaker, lecturer, entrepreneur, optimistic.

Check out my YouTube channel for all my videos.

Business Videos Of My Ventures

The following videos were created for several businesses I owned over the years:

Here are some examples of my business videos

Gogga Connect Ad

Produced by eTV for eTV campaign. Creatively inspired by Gogga Connect

Safety Gel

Full eTV ad produced for Silversands Ethanol Safety Gel

Sato Biodiesel

Produced by Kyknet for Sato Biodiesel.

Wise Touch Tablets

A video explaining the product functionality – as aired on eTV.

Nomad Pannier Soft Bag

This short video is a demonstration of what our bags can contribute to your ADV trip.

Tuit Online Learning

Some of out Tuit videos.


Its not just about marketing, it’s about sales. Some of our training workshops in video.

Some private videos

I love the outdoors and do flying, traveling, offroading, adventure biking, mountain biking and rock climbing.

My Businesses

Some of the businesses I have built over the years:


Our Wise group of companies was a very exciting project that included hardware and software.

The Wise companies were formed in the beginning years of Android tablets and we soon became a household name in tablets, selling volumes just below our competitors being Samsung and Apple.



We built and managed three businesses in the biofuels industry:

Our first business in this industry was Sato Biodiesel in which we built a commercial size biodiesel plant in Hoopstad, Free State. This plant was used for edible oil manufacturing also. Additionally, we became co-owners of Silversand Ethanol and their product range being Safety products.


Our Tuit business consists of various brands and websites.

The brands all work together and represent all the products and services available from Tuit.


Somnium Group had a couple of amazing businesses but was mostly based on residential and commercial properties.



Gogga was one of the first private wireless internet service provider in SA.

What happened to Gogga?

Gogga was a household name in wireless internet in South Africa. The history of the company is interesting and involves Vodacom, the primary service provider to Gogga, to invest in Gogga. This relationship turned sour after a couple of years and resulted in Gogga and Vodacom fighting it out in the courts as well as in public. Here is a short video that was aired on Carte-Blanche, South Africa, that explains what happened. Needless to say, the business was a great opportunity and showed tremendous growth.

Contact me


Gauteng, South Africa



eugeneb at tuit dot co dot za